Trump & Putin: The Politics of Insanity

OSHO International
8 min readAug 15, 2022

Two of the most powerful men in two of the most heavily armed countries in the world could well be described as certifiably insane.

Each lives in their own fantasy world and each claims to be making their country great again. They are supported by millions of people who seem to believe in them no matter what they do or say.

The US-American psycho has delusions about winning an election. Everybody around him, including his family and colleagues, has done their best to help him gain some insight into his delusions, but to no avail.

He stands up in front of anyone who will listen and proclaims that others stole an election from him while it is he who in fact has been trying to steal that same election.

However, like many psychotic people, they have these unshakable beliefs about what is true and what is false, and no amount of persuasion moves them.

He spent four years in office and is reported to have lied about 30,000 times on subjects that anyone can check. Yet, his followers seem to be somehow mesmerized by him and can’t shake themselves out of their believer’s trance and wake up. They stand for hours, waving their flags and crosses, and beaming with pride — and when questioned, simply repeat the great leader’s lies like clockwork.

What is bizarre about those lies is the great leader’s ability to accuse the people who question his false facts of representing “fake news.”

At least when you go and watch a magic show, the guy pretends that the coin came out from behind his ear. This one just ignores all the kids shouting out that they can see the coin in his hand all the time. He simply insists it came out from behind his ear. The believers just nod along in agreement.

Is this the same magician who insisted all those empty white spaces we could see in the Washington Mall during his inauguration were full of invisible white people? Or that global warming is a hoax?

Or perhaps he is not psychotic at all, but is more like Hannibal Lector in “Silence of the Lambs,” and is just very very cunning.

In that blaze of lies, wrapped up in the usual political flim-flam, there were enough bigoted dog whistles to appeal to the most primitive…