The Trouble with The Watcher

OSHO International
5 min readMar 20, 2024
The Trouble with The Watcher

How can we be certain that the watcher is not part of the mind?

“It is a relevant question but only intellectually. It is not out of meditation because the man is bringing into his question three things of which he is not aware: the mind, the watcher — and who is this third who is thinking whether the mind and the watcher are one thing? There is a third entity which is raising the question. I say to you: the watcher, your watcher, is part of your mind. And not only that, the second watcher behind it is also part of your mind.

“When you realize silent watching, you don’t see any mind anywhere; all thoughts stop.

“That is the beauty and the revolution of the watcher: when you are in a watching state there is nothing to be watched.

“This is the trouble: when there is everything to watch, the watcher is not there; when the watcher comes in, there is nothing to watch.

“Only one can exist, both cannot exist together. The presence of the watcher simply disperses the mind; it is no longer needed. It was just functioning because the watcher was absent.

“Gurdjieff used to tell a story:

“A very rich man went on a pilgrimage. He had many servants and a very big palace where he lived alone with all these servants. He called…