The Origin of the Species — A Revolutionary New Understanding

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12 min readFeb 20, 2023
The Origin of the Species — A Revolutionary New Understanding

The Most Amazing Story You Have Never Heard

We have all heard of Charles Darwin and his description of evolution. Scientists are still arguing over the details of exactly how it all happened, but the idea that such an incredible array of life forms can only have happened with “a creator” is now generally regarded as irrelevant. Some theists, believers in a God, remain convinced that life seems so amazingly directed it could not happen through evolution.

However, there is another understanding of these events that is never told — and is one that neither the scientists nor the theists want to consider, for their different reasons.

Let’s go back a little and imagine the life of planet earth as if it happened over one year.

Boom! January 1st — 9.3 billion years after the big bang — and there we are!

A blob of molten stuff whizzing around our sun. Meanwhile, here we are, looking back on this amazing year at midnight on December 31st, just as the New Year is starting.

It took a little while for that molten blob to settle down, but it seems it became hospitable enough for “life” to appear perhaps half a billion years later! That is in February of our “Planet Earth in one calendar year” scenario. By the end of March, there is no doubt about the evidence of life. By “life” we mean the remains of tiny, microscopic creatures, each made up of one cell, like bacteria. To put that into perspective, the modern human body is said to be made up of about 37,000,000,000,000 (37 trillion) cells.

Nothing much changes until November! Only then creatures made up of more than one cell leave traces of their existence in the fossil records.

Then the process really starts to take off with the sudden — well relatively sudden, like over about ten million years or so — arrival of thousands of new kinds of creatures each made up of many cells.

There were some big dramas around the 10th of December. Volcanoes spewing out carbon dioxide, and then like now, turning the oceans acid and removing its oxygen…. Most of the existing life forms were destroyed at that time in a mass extinction often called “The Great Dying.”