The New Fascism — the Last Throes of Authoritarian Madness?

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10 min readOct 28, 2022
The New Fascism — the Last Throes of Authoritarian Madness?

What seems like a wave of authoritarian madness, the new fascism, sweeping across the planet may be just like the final flaring of a dying candle!

Who would have thought that Benito Mussolini and/or Adolf Hitler would be role models for millions of people so shortly after the horrors of fascism roiled the world?

The mind boggles. Is it really possible that anyone with two grey cells to rub together could possibly support the heirs to Auschwitz and the murderers of six million Jews, gays, Romas, the disabled….

Any “one”? No, millions. Yes, millions of people in Hungary, the US, Italy, and Germany for example are currently jumping up and down with glee at the prospect of handing power to the heirs of these horrors.

About 51 million people recently voted for Bolsonaro to rule Brazil.

This is a man who bragged on video to a journalist about his potential for cannibalism:

“I’d eat an Indian, no problem at all,” he said, referring to the indigenous people in the Amazon, where he is currently causing unmitigated destruction of the rainforest bordering on genocide.

Or Putin raining explosives down on people’s houses and then accusing them of being terrorists.

Is it possible to understand this? What is really going on?

Then you discover that in each case there is a similar story: Almost exclusively males, the whiter the skin the better, pulling in God and the priesthood wherever available, and always appealing to “love of country” to cement their appeal as the leader you need of this great nation at this critical moment.

The result of course is the same old male (or more precisely, masculine) authoritarian nationalism.

“Putin, God put you in power,” announced the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church recently on Putin’s 70th birthday — while he was ordering the deaths of people who objected to his diktats — is the perfect example.

Another is Trump’s fascist MAGA movement in the US — or “semi-fascist” as polite uncle Joe puts it. Or Bolsonaro in Brazil again. Both are the darlings of their respective Christian evangelicals.

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