The Art of Witnessing — Turn Your Suffering into Moments of Meditation

OSHO International
7 min readApr 10, 2024
The Art of Witnessing — Turn Your Suffering into Moments of Meditation

“The greatest preparation for entering death in a conscious state is to first enter pain consciously, because death does not occur often, it does not come every day. Death will come only once, whether you are prepared for it or not; there cannot be a rehearsal for death. But pain and misery come every day.

“We can prepare ourselves while going through pain and suffering — and remember if we can do so while facing them, it will prove useful at the time of death.

“Hence, seekers have always welcomed suffering. There is no other reason for it. It is not that suffering is a good thing. The reason is simply that suffering provides the seeker with an opportunity for self-preparation, self-attainment. A seeker has always thanked God for the suffering he undergoes, for the simple reason that, in moments of misery, he gets a chance to disidentify himself from his body.

“Remember, Sadhana, spiritual discipline is a little difficult to follow when you are happy. It is easier when you are miserable, because in moments of happiness one doesn’t want to have even the slightest feeling of separation from one’s body. When you are happy the body feels very dear to you; you don’t feel like being detached from it for even an inch.