Peace Is Always Just Beyond the Mind

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8 min readApr 7, 2022
Peace Is Always Just Beyond the Mind

It seems war is inevitable and there is nothing that even the U.N. can do to prevent it. What can we do?

“I think it is time that the people of the world start understanding the politician and his hypocrisy, his double personality, because if the third world war happens, then there will be no life on this beautiful planet. I don’t believe at all in this declaration of the UN, but I have another program for the people:

“First, don’t trust your politicians. Don’t be consoled by their cunning strategies.

“Second, remember that you are going to be destroyed with your children, with your wife, with your parents, with your trees, with your animals — everything that is alive on the earth.

“If the people of the whole earth simply refuse and say, ‘We are not going to fight, there is no point in it,’ if they refuse and say, ‘We don’t want boundaries of nations. If there is going to be no war, why keep these boundaries? What purpose do these boundaries serve?’… If the people of the world force their governments and say, ‘Disperse all your armies. Let those people be creative….’”

From the False to the Truth: Joyous People Don’t Want War #34

What are those cunning strategies of the politicians?

“The politician lives on violence, the nations live on violence. If the violence disappears there will be no Italy, no India, no Japan. There will be only one humanity. Why these boundaries? But without these boundaries the politician disappears, and he does not want to disappear, obviously. He has a great vested interest in the boundaries and the boundaries have to be defended. And the only way to defend is to kill, and whosoever is the bigger killer is the winner.

“And the same is true on a smaller scale in people’s lives. People are taught to be violent because unless you are violent you are not going to succeed in life. You have to be very violent, only then you can fulfill your ambitions.

“A gentle person cannot succeed, he is bound to fail, because he cannot be competitive. He cannot push and pull people; he cannot step over people’s heads.

“All the politicians are criminals for the simple reason that crime pays. You…