Mother Teresa –Deceiver, Charlatan, and Hypocrite

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16 min readMay 10, 2022

“These people like Mother Teresa, who have been helping the poor for centuries, are really the causes for poverty continuing. The poor cannot be helped the way Mother Teresa is helping. This is not help, this is politics, because all those orphans she helps are transformed, converted into Catholic Christianity.

“In fact, Mother Teresa would be out of a job if there were no orphans in India. She needs more orphans. That’s why they are all against birth control methods, against abortion. Otherwise, from where are you going to get orphans? They need the poor, because without the poor whom are you going to serve? And without service you cannot reach heaven. This is a simple strategy to reach heaven.”1

For decades Osho has exposed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the ideology behind her work — her agenda of religious conversion, her socially sanctioned child indoctrination — which is a very covert kind of child abuse — through religious education and conversion. This is all under the cover of ‘serving the poor,’ a uniquely Christian religious and political strategy to prop up the establishment and the perpetuate status quo. In this excerpt from one of his talks, Osho responds to a letter he received from Mother Teresa in response to what he had said about her receiving the Nobel Prize.

As Osho explains:

The politicians and the priests have always been in deep conspiracy. They have divided man: the politician rules the outside, and the priest rules the inside; the politician the exterior and the priest the interior. They are joined in a deep conspiracy against humanity. They may not even be aware of what they are doing — I don’t suspect their intentions, they may be absolutely unconscious.

“Just the other day I received a letter from Mother Teresa. I have no intention of saying anything against her sincerity — whatsoever she wrote in the letter is sincere, but it is unconscious. She is not aware of what she is writing; it is mechanical, it is robot-like. She says, ‘I have just received a cutting of your speech. I feel very sorry for you that you could speak as you did. Reference: the Nobel Prize. For the adjectives you add to my name I forgive you with great love.’

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