Masculine Madness

OSHO International
8 min readJun 6, 2022

I want to defend my male race. Existence gave man the capacity to fight against existence, to swim against the stream, to be a doer, to say no. Hearing you and your therapists, I tried to drop this and this effort to drop only gave me misery. I don’t believe existence made me a man in order to become female without ever blossoming into the full potential of my maleness, of my mind. Please comment.

“Swami Antar Mario, Germany is the only land in the whole world which is called the fatherland. Every other land is called the motherland. I said I love the German people, except for a small inheritance that they have been carrying for centuries — a male chauvinist idea of themselves. It has created two world wars and it may create the third. It is not new that Mario is saying, “I have to defend my male race.” This very idea of defending and the idea that he has to fight existence, he has to be a doer, he has to say no. Here, trying to drop effort, he has not been able to. He only became more miserable.

“What kind of man are you, if you cannot drop effort? How are you going to defend the male race? Many women are dropping effort, and you cannot drop effort. You are defeated already.

“And why this fear of let-go, of going with the current? Why this fear of saying yes to existence? — just an ego trip.