Israel and the Sinister Politics of Religious Fanaticism

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7 min readFeb 15, 2024
Israel and the Sinister Politics of Religious Fanaticism

“You were born just as a human being — then how did you become a Mohammedan or a Hindu or a Christian?

“One of the most important novelists of America has asked me a question: ‘Osho, what do you think about the Jewish and Arab conflict in the Middle East? What is the solution, and what are the implications for the future?’

“I had to write to him saying, ‘Before I can specifically answer your question, I would like to give you my bird’s-eye view of the whole human situation, because what is happening in Israel between Jews and Arabs is nothing new. It is happening all over the world, in different names — between Hindus and Mohammedans, between Christians and Jews…

“‘Just the names are different, but the same violence, the same murder, the same suffering.

“‘And people are clinging to their suffering….’

“So I told him a few significant points.

“First: as long as there is a God, man cannot be at peace. It is God who is dividing man. He is the ultimate enemy of humanity; otherwise what is the difference between a Hindu and a Mohammedan and a Christian and a Jew? — just their idea of God. And that idea is nothing but an idea, just an empty hypothesis.

“There is no God anywhere; there is no evidence anywhere, there is no proof. And if somebody says he has seen God, he is simply a madman. He is deluded; he has been hallucinating and he needs psychiatric treatment. If we had treated our saints through psychiatry, humanity would have been in a peaceful state.

“Now God is your greatest chain. Are you ready to throw it away?

“Your holy scriptures are dividing you, because every scripture demands that it be the only holy scripture. That necessarily creates conflict….

“These are the problems that have been dominating humanity for centuries. In particular in Israel the problem has become a very burning issue, because the whole of the Middle East is Mohammedan. But Mohammedanism is only fourteen hundred years old, Christianity is two thousand years old. So before Mohammed was born, Jews had already entered the Arabic world, and they had their own settlements. Then Christians came and they started making their own…