From Unconscious Evolution to a Revolution in Consciousness

OSHO International
8 min readFeb 21, 2023
From Unconscious Evolution to a Revolution in Consciousness

“With man, the natural, automatic process of evolution ends.
Man is the last product of unconscious evolution.
With man, conscious evolution begins.

“Many things are to be taken into account.

“First, unconscious evolution is mechanical and natural. It happens by itself. Through this type of evolution, consciousness evolves. But the moment consciousness comes into being, unconscious evolution stops because its purpose has been fulfilled. Unconscious evolution is needed only up to the point where the conscious comes into being. Man has become conscious. In a way, he has transcended nature. Now nature cannot do anything; the last product that was possible through natural evolution has come into being. Now man becomes free to decide whether to evolve or not to evolve.

“Secondly, unconscious evolution is collective, but the moment evolution becomes conscious it becomes individual. No collective, automatic evolution proceeds further than mankind.

“From now on, evolution becomes an individual process.

“Consciousness creates individuality. Before consciousness evolves, there is no individuality; only species exist, not individuality.