From Natural Selection to Conscious Evolution to Total Consciousness

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8 min readFeb 27
From Natural Selection to Conscious Evolution to Total Consciousness

Is nature interested in supporting enlightenment? Will it at least help?

“Man cannot leave it to nature, because man has become conscious.

“You cannot leave it to nature now. That’s why man has created religions. No animal has any religion. There is no need: they are not asking, they are not in a hurry. In nature everything is unhurried — moving so slowly as if not moving at all; continuously repeating the same pattern, infinitely repeating the same circle.

“Man has become conscious. Man has become conscious of time, and the moment you become conscious of time, you are thrown out of eternity.

“Then you are in a hurry. So as man’s consciousness evolves more, he is more hurried, he becomes more and more time conscious. Go to a primitive society: they are not time conscious. The more civilized a society, the more time conscious. A primitive society is nearer nature: unhurried, it moves slowly. Just as nature moves, it moves.

“The more you become civilized, the more you become conscious of time. Really, time can be the criterion: how civilized a society is can be known by how time conscious it is. Then you are in a hurry, then you cannot wait, then you cannot leave it to nature. You have to take it in your own hands.

“And man can take it in his own hands: he can do something and the process can be finished sooner. It can even be finished in a single moment. All that millions of years have not done, have not been able to do, you can do in a single moment. In that single moment you can become so intense that millions of years and millions of lives are traveled simultaneously.

“That’s possible — and because it is possible, you are worried.

“Your worry is a symptom that something which is possible you are not making actual — that is the worry, that is the human dilemma.

“You can do it and you are not doing it — that creates an inner worry, anguish. When you cannot do it the question never arises, there is no worry. The worry shows that it is possible now that you can jump — many lives which are unnecessary you can just by-pass — and you are not by-passing. You have become conscious…

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