Feeling Desperate, Terrified? — Insights on Helplessness for a World in Crisis

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7 min readNov 13, 2022
Feeling Desperate, Terrified? — Insights on Helplessness for a World in Crisis

I feel terrified and desperate: desperate to save this incredible, beautiful planet, and terrified because the odds against us seem so high. I feel so insignificant, and helpless to do anything!

“I can understand your desperation, your helplessness. This is how perhaps every human being who is aware of the crisis feels. But you are not aware of a greater power: destruction is a low category power, creation is a high category power. Destruction is out of hate, creation is out of love.

“You have seen where hate can lead humanity, to its ultimate suicide, but you have not seen the possibility that love, growing to its height, may simply prevent this crisis from happening. No one is insignificant, because everyone has a heart and everyone has love and everyone has sensitivity, consciousness and he can reach to the very ultimate peak of existence. A single individual can prevent this great crisis, what to say of millions of people full of love and joy and silence?”

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What is it that makes us give into this feeling of helplessness so easily?

“It is a very simple question. Man, as a child, is the most helpless amongst the children of all the animals. Without the father and mother the child cannot survive. He needs absolute protection, nourishment, warmth; otherwise he will shrink and die. The human child is the weakest child in the whole of existence, but his weakness is a blessing in disguise.

“But it can also be exploited — and that’s what has been done down the centuries. The parents never allowed the weakness, helplessness and dependence of the child to turn into independence, strength, integrity, individuality; they were happy that the child remained obedient. Naturally, an obedient child is not a trouble. A disobedient child is a continuous trouble, but a disobedient child is a real human being.

“The obedient child is just simple cow dung.”

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By creating obedient, dependent children are we just making the world more miserable?

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