Everything Changes — Except the Awareness That Everything Changes

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8 min readMay 6, 2022
Everything Changes — Except the Awareness That Everything Changes

In these times of uncertainty, many people are feeling very disturbed and afraid of change. What would you say to them?

“There are no ‘times of uncertainty’ because time is always uncertain.

“It is the difficulty with the mind: mind wants certainty — and time is always uncertain.

“So when just by coincidence mind finds a small space of certainty, it feels settled: a kind of illusory permanence surrounds it. It tends to forget the real nature of existence and life, it starts living in a kind of dream world; it starts mistaking appearance for reality.

“It feels good to the mind because mind is always afraid of change for the simple reason: who knows what change will bring — good or bad? One thing is certain, that change will unsettle your world of illusions, expectations, dreams.

“Mind is just like a child playing on the seashore, making palaces in the sand. For a moment it seems that the palace is ready — but it is made of shifting sands. Any moment just a small breeze, and it will be shattered to pieces. But we start living in that dream palace. We start feeling that we have found something which is going to remain with us always.

“But time continuously goes on disturbing the mind. It looks hard but it is really very compassionate of existence to always remain with you. It does not allow you to make realities out of appearances. It does not give you a chance to accept masks as your real face, your original face.

“So whenever time strikes one of your cherished illusions, it feels that it brings out the worst and the best in peoples’ lives. It simply brings out what was hidden behind the false permanence, behind a dream that you had taken for granted to be real. It simply takes away your mask.”

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What is the source of this disturbance that change provokes?

“You go on seeing that everything is constant change, but there seems to be a fear deep down in the human heart: the fear is death.

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