Does Evolution Naturally Lead to Freedom?

OSHO International
10 min readMar 6, 2023

What is the connection between evolution, freedom, and consciousness?

“Sartre says man is condemned to be free — condemned to be free. The whole of nature is at ease because there is no freedom. Freedom is a great burden.

“That’s why we don’t even like freedom; however we may talk about it, no one likes freedom, everyone fears freedom. Freedom is a dangerous thing. In nature there is no freedom. That’s why there is so much silence. You can never say to a dog, ‘You are an imperfect dog.’ Every dog is perfect.

“You can say to a man, ‘You are not a perfect man.’ It is meaningful, but to say to a dog, ‘You are not a perfect dog,’ is absurd. Every dog is perfect because a dog is not free to be. He is goaded by evolution; he is made, he is not a self-creator.

“A rose is a rose. However beautiful, it is not free, it is just a slave. Look at a rose: beautiful, but just a slave, goaded. There is no freedom to flower or not to flower. There is no problem, there is no choice: a flower is to flower. The flower cannot say, ‘I don’t like flowering,’ or, ‘I refuse.’ It has no say, no freedom.

“That’s why nature is so silent, a slave. It cannot err, it cannot go wrong. And if you cannot go wrong, if you are always right, and if your ‘right’ is not in your hands, then it is just goaded by eternal forces.

“Nature is a deep slavery. With man, for the first time freedom enters.

“Man is free to be or not to be. Then there is anguish, fear whether ‘I may be capable….’ whether ‘I may be or may not be. What is going to happen?’ There is a deep trembling. Every moment is a suspended moment. Nothing is fixed and certain, nothing is predictable with man. Everything is unpredictable.

“We talk about freedom, but no one likes freedom. So we go on talking about freedom and creating slavery. We talk about freedom and then create a new slavery. Our every freedom is just a change of slavery. We go on changing from one slavery to another, from one bondage to another.

“No one likes freedom because freedom creates fear. Then you have to decide and choose.