The OSHO Times explores what is happening in the world today and demonstrates how Osho’s insights can help us to better understand the basis of these events. This enables us to see what our options are for building a more intelligent, creative world rather than the destructive one we are currently living in.

The vast resources currently devoted to destruction, whether for weapons or for subsidizing fossil fuels and such like, would be available for creating a beautiful world fit for humans. A world where people can celebrate their lives rather than having to endure the alienation that is so universal today – with its inevitable multitudes who are suffering from loneliness, mental illness, suicide….

Of course, we have all been heavily conditioned to “believe” that none of this possible – by those same influencers who benefit from things staying as they are.

Up until this moment we could, with some justification, blame those influencers. But now we know that alternatives are available it is now our responsibility. We have the possibility of becoming increasingly part of the solution and decreasingly part of the problem. The choice is ours.

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