A World with No Borders

OSHO International
5 min readMar 4, 2022
A World without Borders

“I don’t believe in countries at all. Neither have I a country that is mine, nor is any country foreign to me. I feel this whole earth as my own.

“Why am I not declaring myself a Hindu? I am not, I am not contained by any boundaries. Temples are mine, churches are mine and gurdwaras also… And I don’t believe in nations.

“I believe that humanity is suffering because of nations; nations should disappear.

“Too many national anthems have been sung, too many flags have been flown, too many idiocies have happened on this earth — enough of all this. Accept the oneness of mankind. Now, one earth and one mankind.

“These national governments must go, and until they go man’s problems cannot be solved because man’s problems are now bigger than and beyond nations….

“The whole earth is ours.

“By dividing it into sections we have created disturbances. Today man has the means available that if the nations were demolished, then all the problems would also be destroyed. If the whole of mankind were to strive together there would be no reason at all for any problem to remain on this earth.

“But there are old habits: ‘Our country.’ ‘Hindustan is better than the whole world.’ This kind of idiocy exists in other countries too; they also have a similar idea. Conflict exists because of these egos, and then because of these conflicts and national boundaries all of man’s energy goes into war.

“You will be amazed to know that now we have collected so much war material all over the world — especially in Russia and America — that each and every man can be killed a thousand times over.

“We have the means available to destroy one thousand earths. There is, however, only one earth. Still, armaments go on piling up.

“Any day now, the madness of a single politician, and this whole earth will be a heap of dust; it will become a pile of ashes.

“And such madness can be expected from politicians. Who else could you expect it from? A single politician going berserk and there will be such havoc; this whole earth will be in such a state of disaster that you won’t even have a chance to think about understanding it. It will take only five to seven minutes for the whole…